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These tools are not based on any theory of behavior or school of therapy. Instead they were derived from direct observation of the methods of such successful therapists as Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and most importantly, Milton Erickson, as well as people who were successful in achieving their goals in other walks of life.

The factors that led them to successful outcomes were analyzed and systematized into a set of processes that could be applied to any situation that required change and better options. It was this systematic compilation of processes that Richard Bandler and John Grinder named Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Both hypnosis and NLP have the goal of expanding the the client's options and helping him or her to achieved the best possible solution to their goals.

These processes are often used together since they can reinforce each other, and fit together very well into a unified system.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming® has been called an owner's manual for your brain. It has also been called the study of excellence, the study of success, and the science of achievement. It has been referred to in many ways and most of them are right. Unfortunately, those elegant sounding descriptions don't tell what it is, so let's do it the simple way.

NLP isn't really just one thing, but rather a tool box full of practical tools for bringing about change and creating new options.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Bartlesville, Oklahoma