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You probably know someone who, like Oprah Winfrey, has lost hundreds of pounds over the years, only to gain the weight back again later. That's the problem with dieting - you can take it off, but as soon as you start eating normally, you gain it back. So you diet again, take the weight off and then put it back on. Each time it gets a bit harder to take it off.

Hypnotic Weight and Shape Management is based on changing food preferences and eating patterns, so that you not only can take the weight off, you find that eating properly and controlling your intake and exercising are the natural things to do.

My method is based on this philosophy, changing the basic patterns of eating, and having the unconscious mind do the regulating, rather than having the client try to keep track of everything they are eating and doing. Each person is different and my methods are tailored to the individual's needs.

Weight and Shape Management is composed of three things. First weight control, since the body has to put the extra weight some place, you have to get that weight off. This is accomplished not with “dieting”, but by having your unconscious mind monitor your needs and intake and change your preferences for foods and amounts in a way that feels natural. That way you are learning new eating habits that will last a lifetime, instead of making a temporary change that vanishes when you go off the diet.

Second, exercise, since that is needed both to help weight loss and to improve health. Your unconscious mind can change your conscious attitudes so that you will look forward to and enjoy a reasonable amount of exercise to firm and tone the tissues and improve general health and energy.

The third thing is one people seldom think of, gaining a new self image. This is done by deciding what kind of shape you want to have, either because you remember a time when your body looked the way you want it to look again, or because you have formed an image of what you want to look like in the future.

Once the unconscious mind understands your desired self-image it can actually control where and how you lose the weight. The unconscious mind has a remarkable amount of control over the body when it is not being interfered with by conscious doubts or fears. In fact, when your unconscious mind is allowed to find the best way to meet your needs, it can be quite creative.  You may be surprised when you find your food preferences changing and you find yourself enjoying exercise, without even realizing it at first.

Weight Control and Shape Management in Bartlesville, Oklahoma