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Tension, frustration, anger, workplace conflicts, economic uncertainty, kids, relationships--the list goes on, but everything on your personal list adds up to one thing--STRESS!  And now, the confusion of the political situation is creating even more tension, regardless of which side you are on. 

The worst part is that when you are under stress, you don't think as well. You're apt to make mistakes, let you tensions cloud your judgment or be distracted from the things you need to get done.

That is why I have created a program for stress management, using the best methods of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  The system gives you the tools to relax and defuse stress when it happens and also ways of preventing stressful situations form developing in the first place. And when you are in a situation where other people are stressing out, you can avoid the contageon.

The first session will begin with an interview to find out what specific things (work stress, general worry, relationships, etc.) need to be covered. There will also be a question and answer period where you will learn about what hypnosis is and how it works.

During the first session you will learn to relax, be hypnotized and taught self-hypnosis, relaxation methods, and how to take a mental vacation during a “Power Nap”. There will also be basic instruction both in and out of trance to help you reduce immediate levels of stress and tension.

The second session will be used to teach you ways to unhook stress from situations so that you can look at them objectively, without having experiencing unpleasant feelings. This will allow you so that you can learn from them and deal with them in better ways.

The third session will be used to reinforce the first two and to focus on methods to deal with specific situations that were brought up during the earlier sessions.  If additional sessions are needed they will be scheduled at that time.