Let's look at the numbers related to the costs of smoking!

I don't mean the health statistics, that's all over the TV and Internet.  This is about the cost of smoking in cold, hard cash!

​Here in Oklahoma, the average price of a package of cigarettes is currently $6.29, with talk of adding a surcharge of up to $1.50.  But right now the numbers add up fast. Vape is maybe a bit higher even.

Here are some examples of the cost based on how many cigarettes you smoke a day :

per day           month             year

10                     $88.06           $1,144.78

 20                  $166.12           $2,289.56

 30                  $264.18          $3,434.34
 40                  $352.24          $4,579.12
 50                  $440.30          $5,723.90
 60                  $528.36         $6,868.68

Shocked by how much you are wasting without taking medical costs into account?  What could you do with that money if it wasn't going up in smoke?  A nice vacation, a better car, maybe even a new home?

Think about it a bit and imagine what you can gain by quitting smoking!


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