Unless otherwise stated all prices are by the service, not the session. If more than the estimated number of sessions are needed to get results for you, there is no additional charge.  There is no time limit on follow up sessions, you might think of it as a lifetime Membership .

Phone: (918) 332-1399

320 S Delaware Ave., Bartlesville, OK 74003

Per person:

Self-Hypnosis and relaxation -------   $60

Business Coaching -------------------- $125

Lifestyle Change, which includes any combination of
Quitting Smoking --------------------- $100

Habit Change --------------------------- $100
Weight and Shape Management ---  $100

Stress Management ------------------- $100

Smoking + Weight --------------------- $100

Pain Management --------------------- $100

Other services by arrangement

Couples at same time:

Lifestyle Change ------------------------ $160

I can also do small groups (10 or fewer) at a group rate, depending on what services are wanted.  If interested, contact me for pricing.

A Permanent Change!

Due to the popularity and improved success of the Lifestyle Change Package I have decided to make this the main part of my services combining any number of  (browse  the menu for ideas) any combination in one customized package. $100.