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Cigarette addiction has three parts:

First the habit, which can be easily controlled.

Secondly, the physical addiction, which is relatively minor and the withdrawal can be eliminated.

Unfortunately, the third component,“secondary gains” from smoking is the reason many people quit only to go back to smoking again.

Quit Smoking in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Secondary gains are the indirect benefits from smoking which the unconscious mind feels you need, that go far beyond the habit and addiction. They can be social, for example, lighting a cigarette may be a signal between you and your partner that it's time to sit down and spend some time with each other talking.

Or it could just be a reason to take a short break from a busy work schedule and relax for a moment and regain your focus before going back to work. There are probably as many different reasons as there are people who smoke, but those are just a couple examples.

The problem is that, unless there is something else that provides those secondary gains, you will either go back to smoking or your unconscious mind will find something else, such as snacking, that will give you the same benefits but may be damaging in other ways.

This last example is the reason that people experience weight gain when they stop smoking.

My method is to have your unconscious mind find something which provides each of those secondary benefits as well or better than smoking did, without the health risks or cost of smoking and to substitute the new behaviors for smoking in the situations where you would normally reach for a cigarette.

At that point the habit and chemical addiction become very easy to eliminate and the changes in behavior last.

Normally the first session is enough, but I prefer to see a client a second time to make sure things are working properly, and in the case of smoking, I will see the person as often as needed to insure results.

For smoking cessation, I charge for the service, not by the session, so if additional sessions are needed, there will be no additional cost.