Note: Due to possible scheduling conflicts, all appointments for the Ponca City area must be made by phone or FB messenger.

After 40+ years as a hypnotherapist with the most recent two years spent serving the Bartlesville, OK area, I have decided to bring my services to the Ponca City area as well. This was brought about by two things, first of all, my apprentice moved to your area and secondly a search suggested that you have no real, local access to hypnotherapy and NLP services.

The phase in will take two stages, the first will have a limited number of local appointments, either at a shared office or on a house call basis or using a secure telemedicine website for on line sessions.

During this transition period my rate structure will be slightly different from my Bartlesville rates, which simply reflects the differences in my expenses.

For appointments at the shared office, the full rate will be charged, there will be a 20% discount for house call sessions, since I will not have to pay the office expenses and for on line sessions the rate will have a 40% discount, since I will have neither office expense nor travel expenses.

The second stage is a brick and mortar office in Ponca City, run by my associate, where I will spend a part of each week.  The rates at that time will match the Bartlesville rates.

To learn more, explore this website and check the links below which will take you to my main Facebook page as well as some videos and one Bartlesville ad with some useful comments and information.

Phone: (918) 332-1399

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The comments on this ad are very interesting

Dalia telling about her experience.