Due to improved results with this system I have decided to make the Lifestyle Change Package my primary product.  It is simpler to customize my services to meet the specific needs of each client. In reality, I've been doing that all along because often, to change one thing it is necessary to change other things as well.

Self-hypnosis, relaxation, stress control and the "Power Nap" are basic to everything I set up, such as Weight and Shape Management and Quitting Smoking.

The simple fact is that most of the time in my office is spent setting up those basics and dealing with the primary thing you want to change.

Adding other things doesn't take much longer. Adding quitting smoking to Weight and Shape Management takes perhaps 15 minutes more than Weight and shape management alone. The same applies to improving motivation or controlling residual pain can also be included without adding much more time. The key is knowing what you want to accomplish when you start  (browse the menu for ideas).

I also know a "secret" and it is that once you successfully make one change, you will probably find other changes you want to make later on. The patterns you learn during the sessions become the patterns you can use to make new changes. The reason I teach you self-hypnosis is so that you can go ahead later and make new changes for yourself.

So I decided to run this customized package to see how it is received. I don't really want to see a client for several things and charge them each time. Most of the things I do can be handled at one time if I know what they want to change. I'd rather see them in one series of sessions (the first session and the follow-ups) for everything and then become unnecessary because they have learned to make their own changes when they think of new ones. I'll still be around if you need reinforcement or help-- and as usual, follow up sessions are free.

Now I'll tell you the real secret of this: I want to become unnecessary to my clients because, if you are happy with what I do, I'll soon be seeing your friends and coworkers because I got results for you!

The base rate for Lifestyle Change is on a House Call basis remains the same at $100.

Lifestyle Change Package

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