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Changing Your life is about overcoming learned limitations that interfere with you goals in life and designing your future. In contrast, Lifestyle Change is specifically about creating new behaviors in a way to maximize health and happiness.

These are primarily the "little every day things" that keep you functioning in top form mentally and physically. And while they are linked to your plans for the future, they are predominantly "right now things". Good habits like healthy food choices, exercise, time management, more efficient work and personal organization all fall in this category.

Lifestyle Change

I created this as a stand-alone module because of one little fact: Even people who have a good working plan for reaching their future goals often don't have a good system in place for dealing with the present! They get so involved with their career, external social situation, children and all the other daily noise, and they end up living by default on a day by day basis.

What does that mean? "Well, McDonald's is right on the way home from the office and a big mac and fries with a coke makes a quick dinner before I get to work on that proposal that I have to deliver tomorrow...." "I know I should exercise more, but I'm just too busy right now, I'll get around to it one of these days...." "Damn, I know I brought it in, but where did I put...." "I'm so bored!  I never seem to do anything but work and watch TV..."

You may even be successfully on your way to your major goals. The problem is, those little day to day things that you neglect build up and you find yourself unhappy, bored, frustrated or angry, even though you should be smiling when you get that promotion or check your bank balance. Besides that, you may end up “crashing” before the day is over because your energy level falls off.

And the answer to that is so simple--develop a system for dealing with every day life. That just means creating habits that serve you rather than being a slave to the immediate situation. And that's where Lifestyle Change comes in.

There are 2 ways to build good habits, either by consciously doing it until it becomes automatic, or by taking a shortcut and having the unconscious install the new behaviors for you. The problem is that doing it consciously means thinking about what you are doing each time you do it, and with all the things going on in your life, it's easy to forget the new behavior and fall back into old habits.

Lifestyle Change uses the unconscious mind to install the new habits and keep track of the details for you. It uses a combination of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help your unconscious mind make those changes in the way that works best for you.

You may find yourself preferring the taste of healthful foods over junk foods, and enjoying a reasonable amount of exercise. And it can become automatic to put things in the same place each time so that you don't waste time looking all over the place for them and becoming frustrated and angry with yourself. You may even find that you develop a curiosity for new adventures and use the improved efficiency to do some things just for enjoyment. And best of all, those changes will seem perfectly natural and logical to you.

Exactly what habits you develop will be based on the things you need to change in your lifestyle. Each person is different. For some it may mean taking time to do things that are fun, and finding ways to make that time by becoming more efficient. For others, it may organizing your living situation or work situation better. Or eating healthy foods and taking better care of your body. You and your unconscious mind know which things are most important, so you and your unconscious mind will be what designs the new habits.