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Changing Your Life in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

All of your life you are taught limitations that have nothing to do with your abilities. That pattern was started when you were a baby. The first word you learned to understand (not necessarily to say, but to actually understand) was not Mommy or Daddy, but NO or DON'T.

That was necessary for your survival as a child but it also set the pattern for your progress, a constant learning of what you couldn't do. You were taught things intentionally that you couldn't do that had nothing to do with your abilities or capacity, but because adults thought you shouldn't do them. Later you learned other limitations by watching adults who thought they had limitations so you learned to have those limitations too.

To say that those limitations are not real is incorrect, because as long as you believe you have them, you will have them. It is your belief system that limits your abilities, not the lack of ability. The more things you believe you can't do, the fewer choices you have in life.

What you believe about your options is the main thing that controls them. If you believe you can't change something in your life, then you will be right. But if you believe you can change your life, then you will be right about that.

Both Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming® are tools that can help you set aside your disbelief and attain your full potential. Hypnosis communicates directly with the unconscious mind and allows it to find solutions and options unhindered by consciously learned limitations.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming® uses language structure and knowledge of neuro-physiology to remove perceived limitations and allow you to find all of your skills and options. Although NLP is difficult to explain, it is a group of communication techniques that allow the mind to see new options and potential new behaviors.

This is what self-improvement and “change work” are all about - setting aside your disbelief and finding your full potential. Not only is it used to solve problems and change habits, it can be used to take something you are already good at and make you better.

For example, let's say you are already a good musician and want to become a better musician. There is probably one time that you performed exceptionally well, in fact you couldn't believe how well you performed. And try as you would, you were never able to match that performance again.

Using Hypnosis and NLP techniques, you can capture the elements of that performance - the mood, the attitude, the feelings that led to that kind of performance and recreate them when you start to perform. You may not know consciously what they were, but your unconscious mind has recorded it all and can extract the important parts. That becomes the base for you to build even better performances on.
Or suppose you are an average tennis player and want to be better but you have never really had an excellent game. You probably do know someone who is extremely good at it though. Using hypnosis and NLP you can “wear” the mannerisms and attitudes that the good player has, and in doing that you can play the way he does. Again, you may not consciously know which things contribute to his performance, but your unconscious mind will find those things.

Both hypnosis and NLP can be used independently to expand a person's range of options and access their full potential. I use the two together as appropriate for the individual client because I have found that the two compliment each other and have a much more profound effect.  Exactly how those methods are used depends on the client - like any of the uses of these techniques, is tailored to the person rather than being a production line operation.