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    I’ll bet you’ve had the experience of doing something “superbly”-- getting everything exactly right and doing the best possible job, but then later you compared your daily performance to that memory of perfection.  “I wish I could do that again...” is your frequent thought.  Does that sound familiar?
    Would you like to be able to return to that super state, recover the attitude, thoughts and feelings that led to that success, and be at your peak when going into new situations? Then you could Would you then like to use your success as a starting point to build even better performance?  
    Have there been times when you were good at something but wanted to be a lot better?  Chances are you know someone (either directly or indirectly) who is a master of that skill.  Would you like to be able to borrow what they know long enough to build up your own expertise?
    Those are just some of the things I teach you in my Skill Mastery Training.  There are other things, like being able to discover your real goals and to keep working on them until you are where you want to be.  And then, to find new goals beyond what you wanted before and go after them in the same way, in a continuous cycle of growth and accomplishment.  
You will also learn how to have your unconscious mind search all of your experience and knowledge for new inspirations, ideas and choices that help you move towards your goals.    
    Let’s face it, no matter what your goals are or how dedicated you are, there are times when you just get too busy to think about them.  There are ways to keep your goals in sight every day, and to work towards them while still dealing with such silliness as earning a living and having a family.  
    My course combines Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming methods, and just plain common sense to give you the tools you’ll need—now and in the future to build a successful life.  There are no “magic bullets” for that: You have will have the tools, but you will still have to use them.  
    Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Lifestyle change-- are, as we said where I come from, “the same thing, only different”.  The core coaching and methods are the same: you learn how to find your real goals and values; how to create a model of the future you want, move into it, and accept it as an already accomplished fact; let your unconscious build a memory of the path you took to achieve your goal and absorb the feelings of pride and accomplishment; bring back that model and map and install them into your mind in the present to let them motivate you and guide your choices.
    You will also learn how to adjust your mind set in a winning way. And you will have the complete set of tools to keep doing these things in the future.  
    This works whether your goal is Business, athletics, lifestyle change or creating the Fairy Tale with your partner.  The differences are in the focus of the model, depending on what the goals are. In some cases specialized information is used, such as how to:
          - communicate effectively with your life partner,
           -prepare for tests,
           -get the perfect mind set for competition, or
            -create a business plan to impress a loan officer.