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Lately I have been moving away from dealing with just one issue and started setting up Generative Change for my clients. Quitting smoking, controlling weight,, living a healthy lifestyle or building good habits are all related to Quality of Life.
What I have started doing is using whatever you want me to help you change as a way of teaching you how to use self hypnosis with a set of tools to make any change you want to make in the future. Once you have those tools you can make other changes in your life by yourself. And once you know that you can do it for yourself you will find other uses for those tools. Then you will find that you have more options than you ever dreamed of.
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It’s all about the quality of life. Some people think that Hypnosis and the application of the NLP processes is to fix what’s broken and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. But the real power of these methods is taking what already works and making it work better.

Like happiness in the old song, the Quality of Life is “many things to many different people”-- in fact, no two people have exactly the same definition. Health related things such as Weight and Shape Management, Quitting Tobacco, staying physically fit; learning how to control stress; changing habits; improved learning; finding your real goals and building a map to reach them along with the determination to follow that map --those are just a few of the possibilities.

That’s why I say I specialize in improving the quality of life for
my clients. I teach you how to do specific things and at the same time, give you the tools that let you find seen new possibilities and make the other changes you want to make.

The advantage of my method of combining hypnosis with NLP processes is that I can help you find your personal version of “happiness” or the Quality of Life without knowing what all the things are. I teach you the tools you need and start you on the path. Your unconscious mind finds the best way to make the changes and reach those goals in the way that works best for you.

My job is to teach you about those tools and let you use them. And to be available to coach you if you need some guidance in how to use them later.

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There is nothing mystical or “supernatural” in hypnosis. It is a natural function of the human mind that many people never learned to use and was considered to be “magic” in days when magic was the term for something someone else could do and you couldn’t understand how they did it. Still it’s sometimes fun to imagine, and to accept metaphors and allegory, such as the legend of the Phoenix.
The Phoenix was a bird that burst into flames when it got old, only to arise from it’s own ashes as a new, young, energetic self—the same only better. It symbolized transformation through a certain knowledge of the future. Making a new future by believing in it.
So let’s have some fun and turn an old mystical symbol into a modern example of how hypnosis and NLP can be used “magically”.

The law of the Phoenix:
Create an image of your perfect future, make it solid and real, step into it, enjoy it and remember how you got there, and collect all those memories and bring them back to the present with the certain knowledge that you have already accomplished it in the future and how you got there. Follow that map into the life you want to have – NOW!
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