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After closing my brick and mortar office and doing only House Calls, and getting feedback I have decided to do only house calls. 

Why?  Because I find that the results are easier and faster. Think about it.  What is the first thing that happens when you enter an office--you tense up.  Probably a holdover from being a child going into the dentist's office. I use relaxation as a tool, and I've decided to work primarily on a House Call basis.  The rate for my service remains the same, although I will have the travel cost, that is offset by the reduction in overhead of having a brick and mortar office.

For those clients who, for one reason or another require a brick and mortar office, I can provide that in a shared office location. 

The fee for the lifestyle change package remains the same $100 covering the whole package, regardless of the number of sessions required. Please see the link below for information abut the package.

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It's all really Lifestyle Change! You can't change just one thing without changing things that are related to it and expect lasting results. That's why I created the Lifestyle Change Package, customized to the individual client's needs. If you have one thing you want to change or a number of different things, this is the package you want since it combines everything in a package priced the same as Weight and Shape management. Click the links to learn more about the different things that can be part of the package.

What sets my services apart from other Hypnotherapists is my philosophy. I believe in Brief Therapy, bringing about change as quickly and easily as possible, rather than drawing it out without spending unnecessary time or charging the client for unneeded sessions. I would rather start the process and teach the client how to complete the changes themselves and to use those methods to make other changes in their lives. Besides, I'd much rather see a satisfied client's friends, instead of repeatedly seeing and charging the same client.

That leads to a different approach to business. The standard practice in this field is charge by the session and usually take several sessions to get results that can be achieved with one or two sessions. I believe that change can be accomplished quickly  and I back it with my fee structure. I have a flat charge for most services, based on the amount of time I think it should take to get the results my client wants and I will spend as many sessions as the client needs to get those results at no extra cost.

Interestingly enough, this usually leads to seeing the client an average of two times, even though there have been notable exceptions. I don't mind seeing clients at no added charge when I don't get the results the first time—they are paying me in a different sense, since if I haven't achieved the results they wanted with the first session, they help me perfect my methods. Not to mention, if it doesn't cost more to come back if it isn't working satisfactorily, I'm assured of a reasonable feedback process and better reputation.

I have been a Hypnotist for over 41 years, and still consider myself primarily a Hypnotist. I am also a  Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® and since I am totally result driven, I use whatever combination of skills and methods that work best for the individual client. In addition, I teach the client to use these methods to change other things in the future.

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Michael Six, Hypnotherapist

41+ years experience.

The  Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®:

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®